The Best Life Plan is the one that bends, twists and turns with the short bursts and high speed winds of change.  

I am not a dainty or wispy type of gal. Not that I haven't imagined being a little lighter and graceful on my toes. Truth is, each time I step into my size 10 shoes, I realize I am sturdy like an oak.  It has served me well. I have been able to connect on a root level and carry the woes of many to safer ground. I have climbed Mayan ruins, hiked alongside armies of ants, danced the Sevillanas with new friends in Spain, championed the rights for children in Family Court, decoded the unique gifts of those with learning challenges and held compassionate space for hearts in need of healing.

My well travelled path has been full of adventures, risks, adversity, joy, zest and tears and laughter. I never imagined I would be a single mom raising a rambunctious, resilient rebel who is a mirror image of my fabulously flawed self. Ouch. Yet, truth be told, he makes me a better Social Worker and the children I work with at school make me a better mom. Who knew my best life plan was contingent on discovering my best self. 

I do now. It has expanded my capacity to love, learn and explore. I also believe to shine a light on your best self, it is imperative to engage in creative collaboration to foster innovative problem solving. Together, lets design and implement your Best Life Plan.

Community is a communion of connection, necessary for emotional sustainability.