About Me

I am a mood-bending feelings whisperer; able to extinguish a negative thought with a handy dose of mindful optimism. You will come to know me as a fun-loving seeker of knowledge who will travel great virtual lengths to find creative solutions for your parenting challenges and stretch your capacity to create with SoulCollage®.

As a consultant and workshop facilitator, I will guide you to design your best life plan. I am able to navigate any system that may touch your life. Together, we will create a user friendly roadmap to scale the unyielding blocks in your life terrain.

Ready to join forces with a champion of heart felt healing and trusted keeper of secret wishes? Could you use an educational advocate and voice of calm during times of adversity? As an inequity slayer, I use my strong communication skills to navigate tricky challenges on behalf of the clients entrusted to me.

My laugh is contagious, I guarantee you will smile through your tears.

I like to think I am a vital part of the right brain revolution, ready to rise up and design a collaborative emotionally intelligent world where children’s neurodiverse differences are realized as imperative strengths rather than inherent weaknesses.  Where loss is seen as an opportunity to exercise your heart muscle.  You can catch me stretching hearts just enough to build them stronger. As a School Social Worker, I have a front row seat to the inner world of children’s hearts.  They have trusted me enough to leave their sorrow and worries in my strong hands, opening a space for repair to occur.

Experience ignites my intuitive light, prompting me to be a resourceful beacon for parents seeking sanity. I understand the challenges of parenting. My graduate training in Parent Education and my own wily trail of parenting experiences have filled my toolbox with evidenced-based skills of the trade. I look forward to sharing all these mindful parenting practices and more.

Ready to discover your superpowers? Contact me today!