Parenting is a rabbit hole of unexpected twists and turns.


You, me and Alice in Wonderland are all part of a mysterious journey that would benefit from a guide with expertise and a magic looking glass. All of our clever, curious, high-spirited, neurodiverse children will inevitably experience loss, stress, disappointment and adversity in the tenure of their childhood.  Add a learning challenge, executive functioning differences, ADHD, Autism Spectrum issues or any number of personal development hurdles to the mix, and the pain can be magnified tenfold. Still, these children go on because they have you.

Best part?    You can be supported too.

I may not have a magic looking glass but I do have the expertise to be your guide. 




Sometimes life can be overwhelming.  So many systems and events can influence the course of actions in your life and that of your families. Wouldn't it be great to have to your own personal consultant to help you sift through the craziness and guide you to calm? Of course it would, because it takes a community to create emotional sustainability.

These are the areas of expertise we can begin to build on together.

During the 90 minute consultation, we will identify which system is in need of navigation. The educational, family, emotional and social systems in your child's life or your own can cause confusion and stress. When any of these systems are out of balance, everyone in the home suffers. Whether your child is lost in the wilderness of the school setting, your family communication patterns need rewiring, self regulation battles are causing chaos or your support system requires a jump start, a navigation reboot is just what you need.

If your child is struggling with Learning Challenges, Dyslexia, ADHD or Autism, your 90 minute consultation will help you decode & demystify what your child is experiencing. Identifying a neurodiverse difference is only one step, understanding it makes all the difference in the world for you and your family.

Your 90 minute consultation will include a beginning Intervention Plan for the identified social, emotional, behavioral challenge. We will create a brief plan of action to get you started, allowing you to take a much needed deep breath and focus your energy mindfully.

Lastly, your 90 minute consultation may, (depending on your location), include finding the right resources to Empower You and Your Family, so you can implement your plan of action with fidelity. I meant it when I said I am the resource queen! Securing proper resources is an essential key in building a community of support.

Sounds good?! Let's chat.




Whether it is a small group, community workshop or a professional development training for an organization; lets work together to enhance skills, develop new positives practices and build creative solutions. Topics include, but are not limited to; Parenting Children with ADHD, Autism or Learning Challenges, Emotional Intelligence, Restorative Practices, Mindfulness, Creative Problem Solving with SoulCollage®, Self Care, Team Building and Educational Equity.


The presentation by Veronica Schauder for Nassau CHADD was well worth attending! The ‘Wabi Sabi’ approach made me rethink how I parent and how I cope with the challenges of parenting a teen with special needs.
— Christine, CHADD of Nassau County

Collaborative team presentation: ' HELPING CHILDREN THRIVE  Building a Climate of Educational Equity'

Collaborative team presentation: 'HELPING CHILDREN THRIVE Building a Climate of Educational Equity'


Creative Parenting Solutions

You will learn how to use Mindful Parenting Practices to enhance the quality of relationships in your family life.  There are so many opportunities to be present, quietly observe our thoughts, breathe deeply, appreciate our efforts, forgive our shortcomings and proceed with compassionate action. In order to seize these moments with confidence, a sense of self awareness must be actively cultivated and nurtured. This is my superpower, teaching the tools to make your 'best self' shine.

If you are ready to learn how to be a marvelously mindful parent, to redefine unrealistic parenting expectations, to love the child you have in the midst of emotional chaos and maintain your sanity in the process, contact me.

In this three hour workshop, you will learn evidence based tools of the trade to...

  • HELP your child build their emotional intelligence skills,
  • IMPROVE and rewire your family communication patterns,
  • REDUCE self regulation battles,
  • CREATIVELY problem solve, and
  • ENHANCE your confidence and success as a parent!





‘Best Life’ Planning

How to dive into the life you want to be living

I am a big believer in the power of transformation. Whether it be a pebble size shift in an underserving perspective or moving big blocking boulders in your lifescape, taking action to live your 'best life' starts now. Using the tools to develop your emotional intelligence muscles, we can begin to build a platform to dive into the life you want to be living.  No matter what age you are or stage in your life, sometimes we need support to remember how to be brave, be bold and expand our emotional capacity to love ourselves enough to change what isn't working. Taking a holistic inventory of your strengths and interests is the first step.

If you are ready to dive into a life you want to be living, contact me. In the form of a three hour workshop, we can design a creative plan of action to improve the quality of your everyday life.

If you have a small group of friends, family or community members who are also interested, a workshop can be designed especially for your group. You will learn the tenets of emotional intelligence, stress management techniques, mindfulness, healthy living tips and how to incorporate it all to design your 'best life' plan.